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What’s going on here?

This is a gallery of Israeli design-related site, and its all categorized for your browsing pleasure. We used to have grades, but they got heavily spammed, so only comments remain.

Can I add my site to your list?

Certainly. Please use the form at the Hebrew version, here. We only accept sites that deal with design or present design works, and they have to be Israeli, or heavily oriented towards Israel.

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Rude comments, comments that insult instead if criticize, comments that contain shameless advertising, spam and politics are erased as soon as we see them.

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  • Yoram Getzler On Yoni Goodman:
    Shalom Yoni First I want you to know how much I appreciated your animation on Waltzing. As an x film student from USC in LA I had the opportunity to study with an animator who worked on Fantasia. So I gained an appreciation for the animators work. I just viewed your...
  • רותי On Noa Sade:
    שלום מחפשת מכנס של נועה שדה שקניתי בכתומנטה שנה שעברה גזרה גבוהה, 2 כפתורים למעלה ורוכסן. מאחור לולאת חגורה בצורת איכס, גזרה ישרה צמוד למטה. מידה 42 בבקשה...
  • ETgalim On Fake Colors:
    Hi, the link is broken… It should be No “s” at the end…
  • xavier On Eyal Baumert:
    very nice fonts, so gentle